Radiator Repair & Installation

Full-Range Radiator Repair and Installation

We Tackle the Toughest Radiator Repairs

Is your radiator leaking or running hot? Bring it to the professionals at Orr Radiator & Auto Repair. Our specialist can check, clean, repair leaks, rodout, and recore your radiator. We work on all types of radiators. If your radiator is not repairable Orr Radiator can price out a new one.

Call to get more information on agricultural radiator repairs before visiting. 

Aluminum and Plastic Radiator Installations

Trust our experienced technicians for car and small truck radiator installation. We also stock and sell radiators for large diesel engines, including semis and tractor trailers. However we can't install these due to space constraints.
Call 913-236-8488 for a FREE estimate on your cooling system.
"I had a wonderful experience here. I had to have my car towed here briefly after the shop closed, when I arrived the owner was still there after hours to make sure he spoke with me in person prior to looking at my car. I had 3 things replaced and they had it back to me in less than a day and a half."

Lita Gentry
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